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Mural Fees & Information

     Murals can be painted on most surfaces and are a permanent fixture when painted on walls, ceilings, or floors.  As an alternative, murals can be portable when painted on doors, panels, folding screens, or rolled canvas, and they can be easily shipped or relocated.

     Whether you have a design concept in mind, or want the artist to suggest one, she will provide a preliminary sketch for your approval once the design or theme is established.

     The artist 
uses high quality pure acrylic artist paints that are estimated by the manufacturer to last over 100 years.  Acrylic murals are very durable and can easily be cleaned with warm, mildly soapy water, followed by a rinse of clear water.

     Please use a brief
mural inquiry form to give the artist information about your mural thoughts.  You may always send Janet a standard email at

Mural Specifics

     Mediums:  The artist prefers to use acrylic for it's durability and color fastness, however she can work in oil if you prefer. (please note that oil has a drying process that adds to the completion time)  Per a client's request, she even produced a mural in pencil, followed by spray varnish.  Even for acrylic murals, Janet does suggest a water-based clear varnish for extra protection.

     Mural Fees:  All murals are very unique and one-of-a-kind.  They are a custom order, therefore it is hard to estimate the cost until  an actual bid is worked up.  The bid is also dependent on the level of detail and realism requested for the design concept, for example; the triptych door mural of the Spanish garden room has a tremendous amount of detail, where the mural of the fashion models, or corvette does not.  For a ballpark idea, an average mural usually ranges between $25.00 to $45.00 per square foot, more detail and realism, the longer it takes to produce.  The artist will give you a bid once the design concept, and your preferences, are established.

     Terms:  50% down payment is due at the time of your order, with the remaining balance is due at delivery or completion.  If your mural is an extensive project, periodic draws may be requested by the artist.

     Payment:  For online orders or portable murals, you may choose which method you prefer; 1) A Paypal invoice can be created (one for each payment) where you have the option to pay by credit card or check. (you do not have to set up an account with them)  2) If you prefer, you may mail a check directly to the artist, however, please allow additional time for your check to clear before the project can begin.

     Completion Date:  A completion date can be estimated after the concept is decided by the client, as well as working with the artist's schedule.  The artist always strives to reach the estimated time and works diligently for an extreme level of perfectionism to provide her clients complete satisfaction in their mural piece.  Please consider that on rare occasion the artist may choose to repaint or change an area, where she may not be completely satisfied with the color or look, so that she is confident her clients receive the best quality possible in every aspect of the art project.   

     Shipping:  If there is shipping involved for portable mural work outside of the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, shipping will be estimated with the bid.  Travel to a location outside of Tulsa for meetings, site measurements, or production can be estimated.

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